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Students: How do I get my 1098t form?

The 1098T form is available in WebTools once you receive an email from the Business Office in January.

This form  reflects the amount that Saint Mary's University has billed you during the calendar year being used for taxes. Please note: This reflects when you were billed for the tuition not when you paid it.


You need both the 1098T form AND your tuition account information for taxes purposes.

Consult your tax advisor to determine eligibility for a credit on your tax return. 


 To access your 1098T form:
Login to Webtools,

Click "Student Academic Record" link.

Click the "Submit" button, the Dflt ID is your Student ID number.

Click the "Form 1098T for xxxx (year) Hope/Lifelong Learning Credit" link. This is in the middle of the screen.


 Image of Academic Record middle of screen 1098t location

To access your WebTools student tuition account by clicking the List Student (Tuition) Account from the Webtools menu.

If you have questions regarding the contents of your 1098T, you may contact the Business Office at 507-457-6655 or
If you have problems accessing your 1098T, please contact the SMU Helpdesk at 507-457-7800 or

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