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Blackboard Enhancements 2014

The January 2014 Blackboard system update has brought a number of faculty friendly enhancements that will strengthen the purpose and use of technology in your courses and organizations.  Below you will find a list of links to help explore the new features and funtionality.  Please contact your favorite SMU instructional technology representative if you have questions or are interested in an overview workshop of Blackboard. 


New Blackboard Profile Feature (#1348) and Global Navigation Menu (#1345)

1) Profiles feature - share academic information and build community

2) Photo upload and choice of privacy options

3) Bb Home, Posts, Updates, Retention Center, Calendar, People

4) Logging out of Blackboard


Retention Center (#1351)

1) Helps instructors detect problem areas for students

2) Automatically triggers alerts to student engagement and performance risk

3) Presented in easy to access table with customizable rules


Inline Assignment Grading (#1350)

1) Allows grading of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF’s without downloading, saving & re-uploading 

2) Comment, Draw, Highlight, Text box and Strikeout

4) Downloading of an annotated version

5) View full screen and grade within a Rubric


Enhanced Content Editor (#1347)

1) More in-depth WYSIWYG editor

2) Copy/paste function more user friendly

4) Full screen editing

5) New Word Count feature

6) New math equation integration feature


Video Everywhere in the Content Editor (#1349)

1) Students and Instructors can record video and upload it directly to YouTube.

2) Users must have a Google® account that is registered on YouTube. This is already available to all faculty and students through your SMU gmail account

3) Gives the capability to record, embed and reuse video.

4) Available in all content areas: Discussion Board, Blog, Journal, Wiki, and Instructor Feedback


Discussion Board Updates (#1352)

1) The Discussion Board has been revamped while maintaining its previous functionality

2) Profile picture makes it easier to identify students

3) All threads are visible on 1 page while still maintaining the ability to collapse threads

4) Reply has access to new content editor, which in addition to traditional comments also allows rich media and video posts

5) Post First: (under Forum Settings #3) forces students to write their own post before seeing what others have written


Extend Time on Test for Select Students (#1302)

1) Offer extended time on a quiz/test for select students

2) Provide time restrictions based on student work groups


Date Management (#1354)

1) Access the Date Management tool

2) Reset content dates for the next semester from a single location.  



Item Analysis

1) Measure the effectiveness and validity of test questions

2) Accessed through Grade Center

3) Poor questions may be edited from the Item Analysis page with option for auto re-grading


Quick Hit Item Analysis Video: (1:38)



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