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What Internet browser or moble apps work best with SMU online applications?

1.Firefox or Internet Explorer work best with Tegrity on Windows since Chrome blocks the playback extension.
This is linked to a previously posted article about this issue.
2.Do not use with Tegrity on macOSX.
3.The Chrome app for Windows RT (Standard Surface) is more limited than the Firefox App.

iOS and Android (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc)
For Blackboard or Tegrity, The apps from the Play store \ iTunes work best. Tegrity is free, Bb  is $1.99/yr. 
The Tegrity app does allow recording, but does NOT work with all phones\tablets.

To view downloaded Tegrity recordings, Firefox must be used. Safari adds a quarantine flag to downloaded files and  will not play classes once downloaded to the computer. Chrome also honors this flag and will not work.

Windows 8 / 8.1

If the address bar (http text box) is at the bottom or the top of the screen will affect application function.

If at the bottom, change to use the desktop version of Internet  Explorer, Firefox or Chrome via the Desktop.

This is because two versions of Internet Explorer exist. One is "touch friendly" and has the address bar at the bottom and is opened from the start screen. This version has glitches with Blackboard and does not work at all with Tegrity.

The "Desktop" Internet Explorer has the address bar at the top and is opened from the desktop icon on the start screen and launched from the IE icon on the lower left of the desktop view. This is the version that works best with Blackboard and Tegrity.
(except edit mode\instructor view, see IE11 notes)

MS Surface \ Windows Tablets:
Surfaces and other Windows 8 tablets support VPN, Network Drive, WSUS, Active Directory, etc. and these features work the same as any computer running Windows 8 or newer.

If a Surface, on the rear under the kickstand it will either say Windows 8 Pro or just Windows 8. It is very important to determine which they are using.

Surface Pro
runs the same exact x86 version of Windows as any other laptop or desktop so please support it the same. There is an extra setting change for VPN access on the Surface Pro. Instructions will be posted to the VPN section of the HelpDesk page in the near future.

A Standard Surface uses Windows 8 RT and is more like an iPad, except neither Bb or Tegrity have an app yet. Tegrity and Bb do not support these devices and customers will need to use a different device for all features to work.
They also can try Firefox from the Microsoft Store and like other Windows 8 devices, use the "Desktop" Internet Explorer, not the "touch friendly".

Blackboard Tests\Quizzes:
A wired network connection MUST be used for taking Blackboard assessments. If you do not have a device with an ethernet port, please use a computer lab if on campus. If not on campus a regular computer or laptop will need to be used. If using a wireless connected Android or iOS device, the app MUST be used (NOT the web browser).

If you, as a student, experience an issue during a test please contact your instructor immediately and take a screen shot of the issue.
Astra room scheduling:
In general, Internet Explorer will work the best with Astra. Astra does not support MACs but seems to work alright. If anyone has issues on MACs, have them try Chrome or Firefox. Astra does not support iOS\Android.

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