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What should I look for in a SPAM or PHISHing email?

SPAM or Phishing emails are those designed to fool users into providing his or her username and password to the email account. Please keep in mind, you, technically, are not the owner of your Saint Mary's University Google Apps account. Saint Mary's is. Use of the word owner is an indication it is not a valid email from SMU iT, IT services, etc.

Typically these appear to come from someone or somewhere you know but when you open the email the reply to or from address is not associated with that person or organization. This is called spoofing and is the first way to tell if an email is SPAM.


SMU does not send you messages that you need to take action on about your email such as it being audited, changed, deleted, etc. If you would need to click a link to do any type of action on within the email it is highly unlikely it is valid.. It is this link and your information that the thieves are trying to get at. PLEASE do not click any link in an email that prompts you to take action on in a short period of time. These are almost if not always bad emails. JUST DELETE THEM.


Below are a few links to describe SPAM or PHISHing emails.


What you can do to assist in stopping these messages, click the SPAM button on your Google account. Just be careful you do not "SPAM Report" a valid email as you go to delete it. Note buttons are right next to each other.




You can also report PHISH emails via the little down arrow by reply button in the email you are reeading. This is in the pop-up menu of options. Note these menu has several other important or useful options as well.





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