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Course Retention Policy

Why remove old courses?

  • Easier to find and access relevant course content
  • Speeds up the response time of Blackboard when accessing content
  • Provides effective and routine data management processes

When will courses be removed?

  • Old courses will be unavailable for students 10 days after the start of a new term
  • Courses that are 2 years old will be removed from the system.  Faculty will receive an email notice identifying a 3 week window to transfer or archive course content. (This is similar to our process for Tegrity course recordings)

Specific course term IDs and scheduled date of removal:

Term Course Offered Date Course Removed
Fall 2008 (2008M1 or 2008W1) December 2011
Spring 2008 (2008M2 or 2008W2) December 2011
Summer 2008 (2008M3 or 2008W3) December 2011
Fall 2009 (2009M1 or 2009W1) December 2011
Spring 2009 (2009M2 or 2009W2) May 2012
Summer 2009 (2009M3 or 2009W3) September 2012
Fall 2010 (2010M1 or 2010W1) December 2012
Spring 2010 (2010M2 or 2010M2) May 2013
Summer 2010 (2010M3 or 2010W3) September 2013
Fall 2011 (2011M1 or 2011W1) December 2013
Spring 2011 (2011M2 or 2011W2) May 2014
Summer 2011 (2011M3 or 2011W3) September 2014

















What can I do if I want to keep a course that is scheduled for removal?

  • Archive the course and keep a copy on your computer, or network folder (U: Drive) for later use
  • Copy Course Materials into a New Course
  • Contact the HelpDesk and request that your course is not deleted

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