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All items with dates are supported in Date Management. This includes: content (items, files, audio, etc.), assessments (tests, surveys, assignments, etc.), tools (discussions, blogs, journals, announcements, etc.), manual grade columns as well as course and organization tasks.  Instructors can adjust dates by course start date (use this when adjusting for a new term), adjust by number of days, or listing all dates for review. 

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Use the Date Management tool to easily adjust all content and tool datea in your course.  Accessed from the Control Panel > Tools area, instructors can choose to adjust dates automatically or individually from one convenient location. 

The first step of date management is to decide if you want the system to automatically adjust the previous or currect course item datea to new dates. 

date management initial screen

(A) Select Use Course Start Date or Adjust by Number of Days to adjust the date accordingly.

(B) You can also review all dates and adjust them later on the Date Management Review page.

Feature layout for Date Management tool

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(A) Return to the first page and choose to adjust dates automatically. The first page also shows an inline receipt indicating when Date Management was last run.

(B) Refresh the current page to account for any changes that have been made to the course since date management was last run.

(C) Filter your review by item type (e.g. Assignment, Test, etc.).

(D) Filter your review by date type (e.g. Due Dates).

(E) Select one, multiple, or all items in the list to batch adjust dates. Adjust dates allows users to indicate by how many days the selected item dates should be moved by. A negative number would move the dates back.

(F) Click to sort the list by item name.

(G) Review and adjust the due date for item. Click to sort the list by due date.

(H) Review when items are made available. Click to sort the list by item availability start and end dates.

(I) Review the adaptive release dates for items. Click to sort the list by adaptive release start and end dates.

(J) Navigate between pages. By default, the page shows 25 items.

(K) Click the date or edit icon to edit any of the dates for an item.  


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