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  • Network Folders & Resources: Where can I store my data?
    Answer:   Saint Mary's University File Storage Information GOOGLE DRIVE This is a storage location located within Google Apps.  Accessible from ANYWHERE on- or off-campus. You can log in with your Saint ...
  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office 365 Free for Faculty, Staff & Students
    Answer: We are happy to announce that Saint Mary's University is now able to offer Microsoft Office FREE for current SMUMN Faculty, Staff Students. Please follow ...
  • Software: Connecting to RemoteApps
    Answer: RemoteApps are applications which can be run on nearly any device, including iOS, Android, Mac OSX and Windows. At this time, CAMS Enterprise, RaisersEdge and Call ...
  • Gmail Basics: 1) How do I find and login to my SMUMN email?
    Answer:   Saint Mary's University of Minnesota uses Google's Gmail for email services.  **REMINDER:  If  this is your first time logging in to SMUMN Google email, you need to change your ...
  • VPN Instructions: Windows 7/8
    Answer: 1.  For Windows 7/8, open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Share Center.  Click, "Set up a new connection or network".   2. ...
  • VPN Instructions: MacOS
    Answer:   1.  Choose Apple 2.  Click on System Preferences 3. choose Network. 4.  Click on the ( + ) sign. (at the bottom left of the page. 5.  From the pop-up ...
  • Employees: 1) Faculty/Staff: Technology Systems Introduction
    Answer:  SMUMN Systems Overview   Blackboard: Blackboard is an Online Learning Management System.  Create and manage courses and online materials.  Resources for non-Faculty staff can also be found on Blackboard under ...
  • VPN Instructions: Windows 10
    Answer: To begin, click on the Search bar and type "VPN" or Go to Settings > Network and Internet > VPN   Then click "Add a VPN Connection"      Select ...
  • Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc): Using Google Drive instead of a VPN/Network Drive (u:)
    Answer: Why is Google Drive the best place to store your files? Because the storage space is now UNLIMITED! You can store any file type you ...
  • Policies & Procedures: What Internet browser or mobile apps work best with SMUMN online applications?
    Answer: For most applications, any browser will be just fine, however, Chrome and Firefox do tend to be a little bit faster than Internet Explorer or ...
  • Software: How to Import/Export Favorites or Bookmarks?
    Answer: How to Import/Export Bookmarks/Favorites in Browsers   Chrome  Bookmmarks 1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.2. Select Bookmarks 3. Select Bookmark Manager4. Click the Organize menu ...
  • VPN Instructions: Setting Up a VPN
    Answer: Setting up Win 10 VPN Connection Setting up Win 7/8 VPN Connection Setting up OS X VPN Connection Setting up Vista VPN Configuration     NOTE:  VPN access is available only to ...

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