Test tips for students

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2012-10-12 18:48

Things to avoid

  • Do Not use the Back button in your browser while taking a test.
  • Close any other programs you may have open on your computer such as Skype, Instant messengers, iTunes, etc.
  • Use notepad or text edit instead of Microsoft Word if you want to type your answers and paste them into the test. Microsoft Word adds several hundred lines of formatting which can negatively affect Blackboard.

Test Your Computer first

  • Use our Blackboard Browser Check.
  • If your computer seems to be running slowly or has malware, please use a Library or Lab computer instead.

Use of Wireless Networks

  • Do NOT attempt to take tests on WiFi, especially if you are on-campus. Stop by the HelpDesk to get your free three foot ethernet cable!
  • Our on-campus wireless has thousands of devices all very close to each other which can saturate the wireless channels. Simply installing more access points in many cases makes performance worse since it further saturates wireless. For the best wireless performance, please see our article:  What are the requirements for students bringing a computer to campus?

What to do if a test freezes or crashes

  • Wait at least 2 minutes. Then if it is still froze, try to re-enter the exam and complete it. Remember to use the save button at the top of the page often.
  • Take a screenshot of the freeze or crash, and submit it to the HelpDesk via email along with your user name and the time the test froze. Here are directions for MacOSX and Windows.
  • Contact your instructor if you are unable to get back into the assessment, but please remember they will be much more sympathetic if you do not wait until the last minute!


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