How to Edit Tegrity Recordings

Sometimes you might have the need to edit out a section of a Tegrity recording.  This could be to remove a private conversation that took place or maybe you forgot to stop the recording process before your checked your email.  The following steps should help you with this process.


TIP:   A helpful idea for important recordings is to make a safety copy of the recording before you start editing.   Also to review the video, making notes of the edit points that will need to be made, before you start making your edits. 

If you are planning to create multiple edits to a single recording, a suggested approach would be to start toward the end of the recording and work your way toward the beginning.  This way the times don't shift and it should minimize the potential for problems.  You can then delete the safety recording when the edits are finished. 



STEP 1  Access the list of Tegrity recordings for your course.  This is usually accomplished by logging into Blackboard, selecting the appropriate Blackboard course, and then clicking on the “Tegrity Courses” button. 


STEP 2:  Check the box next to the recording you wish to edit (circled in the image below). 


STEP 3:  Select “Edit” from the Recording Tasks list.  This will then open the Tegrity editor window.

 You should now see the editing controls located at the left of the page (see image below).


 STEP 5: Now mark the recording to indicate the section you wish to remove by clicking the "From" and "To" buttons when the recording is paused in the correct locations. 

To identify your edit points on the Tegrity recording you should play the recording (or move the timeline marker) to the starting point of what you would like to edit out. 



Clarification of Buttons

 Clicking on this button marks the starting location of the edit you intend to make.


 Clicking on this button marks the ending location of the edit you intend to make.          
Cut:   Clicking on this button after setting the "From" and "To" locations creates the edit and deletes that section of content.










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