Tegrity retention policy

In order to be better stewards of University resources, a retention policy is in effect for Tegrity recordings. Faculty will be given an email reminder two weeks in advance of any removals.


Specific course term IDs and scheduled date of removal:

Term Course Offered Date Recordings will be removed
Spring 2019   Dec 2020
Summer 2019  May 2020
Fall 2019   Sept 2020
Spring 2020 Dec 2021
Summer 2020 May 2021
Fall 2020   Sept 2021
Spring 2021   Dec 2021
Summer 2021 May 2022



To keep Tegrity recordings which are scheduled for deletion:

1) Move those recording(s) to a current semester offering. How to Move a Recording


2) Send a request to the HelpDesk with the course id’s that you would like keep (helpdesk@smumn.edu, 507-457-7800, or Submit a HelpDesk Request Online


3) Create an Image CD of the classes you would like to archive. This process zips up the recordings into a file that you can then extract and save.




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