Download and playback a recording on a Mac


Unless your instructor has disabled the feature, all students are able to download class recordings onto their computers. This means that Tegrity recordings can be viewed anywhere and at any time, even without an internet connection. Downloading courses to your computer makes studying convenient, especially if you’re studying from a place where internet access is unavailable, such as in an airplane or outdoors. All of your recordings are available 24/7.

*Note: These instructions are on how to download and playback recordings on a Mac.

Finding the download icon:

There are two ways to save Tegrity recordings to your Mac:

1. From your My Tegrity homepage, click on the course title where the recording you wish to download is located.

To the right of each recording, the download icon appears. Click the download icon that is adjacent to the recording you want to download.


2. You can find the download icon on the Tegrity playback screen, circled below in red.

Downloading a recording:

After clicking on the download icon, a dialogue box will appear, entitled “download class”, as shown below. Select download. (If this box does not appear, make sure you have enabled pop-ups on your internet browser).

Another dialogue box will appear, asking if you would like to open the file or save it. Choose “Save File” and click “OK”.

Next, a window entitled “Downloads” will pop up on your screen. The recording, which by default was titled as the course name and date it was recorded, should now appear in that window when download is complete.

How to locate and organize your Tegrity recordings:

By default, your recording has been saved in your “Downloads” folder. To change the location of your recording on your Mac, all files associated with your recording must be relocated.

Let’s say you want all your recordings in one place, titled “My Tegrity Recordings” (although this is not mandatory). Here’s how:

1. Create a folder titled “My Tegrity Recordings” in your documents folder (file > new folder).

2. Locate your downloaded  recording. By default your recording was titled as the course name and date it was recorded, and is located in the “Downloads” folder. (Note: in order to relocate your recording into your new “My Tegrity Recordings” folder, you must access your “Downloads” folder from the finder window, shown below.)

3. Once you have located the file, select the folder and copy it into your “My Tegrity Recordings” folder. (To copy and paste, use the controls under the “Edit” menu at the top of your screen).


Playing back your Tegrity recording requires that you select the correct file inside of the folder where your recording is located.

1. Click on your recording’s folder.

2. Double click “Default.htm“.

A window like the one below will pop up, asking if you want to continue. Select “Open”.

Your web browser will open (although no internet is needed) and your downloaded recording will play with all activated functions, such as bookmarks and controlled playback.

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