Subscribe and play a Tegrity podcast on iTunes


Subscribing to a Tegrity podcast allows you to play your recordings in your iTunes library, if permitted by your instructor/institution. After subscription is complete, all new recordings will be automatically uploaded into your iTunes library.

1. If you do not have iTunes already installed, download iTunes HERE and install.

2. Access your Tegrity environment.

3. In the bottom right-hand corner, a series of icons appear (outlined in red above). Click on the podcast icon .

4. If you have not opened a podcast before the following screen may appear.  Simply select iTunes from the list or from the “Choose” button. and proceed to click “OK”.

6. iTunes will then open automatically, and the most recent podcast will begin downloading. Change your iTunes screen view to “list”. To do so, select “view” from the top tool bar and click “as list”.

7. To download all current podcasts for that class, click the small arrow located directly left of the recording’s title, circled in red below. This will show all available recordings. Select “get all” to receive all available recordings and the downloading will begin. To download recordings individually, select “get” located next to each recording. You have now subscribed to your course’s iTunes podcasts.

8. Double click the recording you would like to listen to for the file to play. Use the iTunes controls (located at the top left of your iTunes screen) to fast-forward, rewind, play and pause.


  • When selecting “Get All”, one or more recordings could fail to download. This is normal behavior for iTunes. If this occurs, re-get any recordings that failed to download.
  • Click the Get or Get All button to download any of the missing recordings. If you click the Get All button, iTunes typically fails to download some of the podcasts. Tegrity only automatically downloads the last recording podcast when you subscribe. iTunes can automatically download all new recording podcasts created after you subscribe.
  • Select the podcast, right mouse click, and select the Do Not Auto Delete menu option. Or, click the settings button at the bottom of the podcast listing page, select Settings for Podcast Defaults or the course title, and change Episodes to keep to be All Episodes.
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