How students can upload a video into Tegrity

A course might require students to engage in video creation and sharing. Students can upload videos into Tegrity for a specific course using the steps listed below.  

STEP 1:  Access Tegrity for the desired course and select "Course Tasks."


STEP 2:  Select "Upload Video File."

Select Course Tasks then Upload Video File


STEP 3:  The new window will allow the defaul date title to be deleted and a more descriptive title should be typed in to the "Title" field.  


STEP 4:  Browse for the desired video on your computer and then select "Upload Video" to start the upload process.  

Title Video, Search, and Upload


NOTE: Once the video is uploaded, it will be found under the a seperate tab titled "Student Recordings" for easy access.  


Uploaded recordings are found under Student Recordings tab



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