Students: How do I map a network drive? (accessing U: drive on campus)

Map Personal Network Folder (U: Drive)

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Saint Mary's University provides you 1GB of secure storage on our network which can be accessed from any machine on campus. On University owned machines, your documents folder is stored here. For more information, click here.

It is backed up frequently, and you can recover any lost files yourself. This is the safest place for you to store your documents.


Connecting to your Network Folder:

1.If this is your first time, click here to download the SMUMN Printing and Network Folder login application and follow the onscreen instructions.

*Note: You will periodically have to re-log in through this icon to print in the future.

. If you have already installed this application, sign in using the desktop shortcut.

2. Click the File Explorer icon in the task bar, In this window find This PC and and RIGHT CLICK select "Map Network Drive."

3. In the folder box, type in \\neo\yourusername$. Be sure to add a $ after your username. Then, click on "connect using a different user name."   If you want to have the U drive to always connect, check the box reconnect at sign-in.

4. Enter SMUMN\yourusername. Enter your password. Press OK, then Finish.

5. Your Network space should now appear in My Computer.

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