Students: How do I Enter or Submit a Timecard?

Saint Mary's University uses the Timecard function in Webtools for staff and student employees.

To enter Timecard information, please login to Webtools.

In the right column, click Enter Student Payroll Timecards

If starting a new payroll period timecard, click "Start New Timecard" button. Start New Timecard button 
See payroll schedule, that came with your Work-Study packet, for when payroll periods begin and end.


To enter your individual shift information:

Click "Add Hours" to enter your work shift.

Add hours screen view

Enter the Date Started

Select the time started, select hour started from drop down and type in the minute you started.

Select the appropriate Deptartment Code. Click "Add".

At the end of your shift, login to WebTools

Click Enter Student Payroll Timecards

Click the Edit link to add shift finished date and time.

Click the save or submit button to submit additional information.


Do the above process for each shift your work during a pay period.


At the end of a pay period or at the end of your last shift of a pay period,

Login to WebTools

Click Enter Student Payroll Timecards

When all the hours have been entered for the pay period,

Click Submit Pay period shifts to supervisor


 This will submit the Timecard and will reset the page so you can start a new timecard Otherwise, click Start New Timecard for the new pay period.


Check for an email for when your supervisor(s) approve or reject your timecard submissions.


Start the process over for new shift for newest payroll period.

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