Comparison of Wikis, Blogs, and Journals

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2014-01-29 17:27


The Blackboard offers you additional options for using social communication via wikis, blogs, and journals. The objectives of the Wikis, Blogs, and Journals documents will help you:

• Identify similarities and differences between blogs, wikis and journals   

• Identify potential uses of blogs, wikis and journals

• Practice creating, participating in and grading blogs, wikis and journals


Getting Started with Blackboard Interactive Tools (pdf)


A comparison of Blogs, Wikis, and Journals in Bb 9.1



Wiki Resources

Wiki Overview - Vanderbuilt University Center for Teaching

Wikis in Higher Education - University of Delaware

Video: Create and Manage Wikis in Blackboard (4:14)



Journal Resources:

Getting Started with Writing Journal Prompts (pdf)



Discussion Board Resources:

Video: Interacting with the Discussion Board (4:05)

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