Merge Multiple Sections into a Master Course Site.

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2014-12-31 18:04


At a Glance:

Merging multiple sections of a course together allows the instructor to manage course content from a single course site in Blackboard.  The process of merging courses together automatically creates smart views for ease of use with communications and grading within the course.  All Tegrity recordings in the parent (master) course will be available to students in the child course(s).  In addition, any students who are late additions will automatically become available (unlike the previous solution offered). 


Please contact the HelpDesk for assistance.  Merging courses requires a Blackboard system administrator to complete the task.  When contacting the HelpDesk, include the course ID (example: 2016W1_ABC101A) of the sections you would like merged together.  Also identify the desired parent section.  If you are not sure what information to provide, please call and a support associate will help gather the required information.  







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