How to Rename a Recording


Want to rename your recording after it has been published? Tegrity allows you to change the name of a recording at any time (after the recording has been uploaded). In addition, Tegrity permits you to change a recording’s creation date to change the recording default display/sort order or for report analysis purposes.


1. Click on the course where the class/recording you want to rename resides.


2. Click the check-box located to the right of the class/recording’s title (circled in red below).

3. Select the “Recording Tasks” drop-down menu, circled in red below. Choose “Edit Recording Properties” from the list of options.


4. The rename pop-up box will appear, allowing you to change the Recording Name or Recording Date. Make the desired changes.

5. Select the “Save” button and your class/recording will now appear in the class list with its new title.




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