How to Copy a Tegrity Recording

Tegrity allows you to copy a class recording from one course to another. If you teach more than one section of one course, or one of your recordings can be useful in more than one of your courses, Tegrity makes it simple to copy and paste entire recordings from one location to another. Here’s how:


Copying a class recording

1. Access your Tegrity environment and click on the course where the class you want to copy is located.


2. Check the box next to the recording you want to copy, circled below in red.

3. Click on the “action” drop-down menu titled "Recording Tasks." Select “Copy” from the list of options.


4. A box will appear, asking you to select the course where you want this recording to be copied too. Select the name of the course and click on the "Copy Recording(s)" button.

Select course to copy recording into

Your recording will now be copied into the other course’s folder immediately and will appear in the recordings list.



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