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By altering Tegrity’s recording settings, you have the option to enable an enhanced recording mode, add a minute counter and to allow students to upload their own recordings to Tegrity.

How to access recording settings

1. Access your Tegrity environment

2. Click on any course located on your My Tegrity home screen.

3. In the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you will see an “action” drop-down menu, squared below in red.

4. Select “Settings” from the action drop-down menu.

Recording Settings

The settings page will appear, as shown below. Focus in on the Recording Settings, squared in red below.

Checking the box next to a setting means that the setting will be activated.

Enable enhanced mode:

When checked (default settings), the playback experience is enhanced as follows:

  • The instructor video remains available throughout the recordings.
  • All PowerPoint slideshow animations and embedded video are captured.

Enable minute counter:

When checked, the recorder will display the current minute during a recording. At the beginning of the recording, the minute counter displays two zeroes in red (00). The minutes advance as the session progresses. The minute counter is visible on screen only while recording. The numbers are not included in the recording and do not appear when reviewing a recording.

Allow students to record:

When checked, students are allowed to record sessions that are in turn added to your course.



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