How to find a URL for your Tegrity recording (Get Class Link)


How to find the URL for your Tegrity recording

1. Access your Tegrity environment and click on the course where the desired recording is located.


2. Select the desired recording (circled below in red). Click on the “action” bar in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and select Get Class Link (squared below in red).


3. A box will appear providing you with a URL link.  This link, which is private, will require users to enter their username and password to view the recording.  


NOTE:  Unchecking the box (labeled "Do not allow anonymous users to view the recording," which is outlined in red below) will provide you with access to the public URL as well as an embed code for this recording.  Be aware that the public URL does not require the viewer to log into Tegrity and will not track user data when they access the recording through the public link. 




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