Change the Order of Tegrity Recordings

Sometimes faculty have the desire to reorder Tegrity course recordings to support easy access for students.  Course recordings can be sorted using two different approaches which are described below.



You can sort to reorder of the recordings in a Tegrity course.

STEP 1:  When you are in a Tegrity course, click the “Sort By” drop-down and select the sort order desired.

STEP 2:  Select to sort by Title, Date, or Duration.

 Sort Options are by Title, Date, and Duration

STEP 3:  The sort order selected takes effect immediately.

STEP 4:  The new sort order is not permanent and is only for the current session.




You can also edit the recording properties to change the date which will shift the order of recordings.

STEP 1:  Check the box for the recording you wish to edit.

 Check Box to Select Recording

STEP 2:  Select “Recording Tasks” and then select “Edit Recording Properties” from the menu options.

 Select Edit Recording Properties from Recording Tasks

STEP 3:  Change the date to a new date based on the order you wish the recording to appear in the course list.  

  Change the Date

STEP 4: Click "Save" to apply the changes to your course.  Refresh the screen (F5 on a PC) to review the order of recordings.  





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