How do I reset my password for my SMUMN accounts: portal, Blackboard, network login, and/or SMUMN Google Apps (email)?

 If you can login to your respective SMUMN portal, login and use the "Change Password" button. Fill out the subsequent form and click Reset Password.



If you are NOT able to login, use the "Forgot password" link on the portal login page.  


Enter the requested information as requested.

Passcodes must be 15 characters and can be any combination of characters, except first name and/or last name. Short phrases or sentences are usually a good start.

Click Submit.

Note: If information does not match data record or was not provided to SMUMN for your data record this process will not work.

New passcode is good for 365 days, you should be prompted to change your passcode at next subsequent Portal login after this time has elapsed.

Note: if you or HelpDesk staff do a passcode change prior to this 365 day expiration, it starts a new 365 day window.

Once the passcode change is successful, you must login to your respective SMUMN Portal for the passcode to fully take effect.

If you are unable to login or change passcode, please call the HelpDesk.

Winona Campus: 800-635-5987, ext. 7800

Twin Cities Campus: 866-437-2788, ext. 7800

Users of Engage, this process does not effect your Engage login.
Contact the Personal Support Center for assistance with Engage login problems or other issues with Engage usage.

877-308-9954, Option #3







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