Instructors Guide to Generating Reports

With Tegrity’s help, instructors can create viewing reports that can show the popularity of their Tegrity lectures and help to illuminate trends. Below, the various types of available reports are defined. To learn how to generate any given report, click on one of the links below.


Weekly Summary Snapshots: Shows weekly instructor and students activity and compared it to previous weeks in the current term. Drill down from this report to see detailed reports.


Detailed Reports: Shows detailed reports of instructor and students activity for the current week, past week or the entire term up to the current date.


Custom Analysis: Shows a report organized by course, class, instructor or viewer.


Outcome Analysis: Show students’ grades and completion rate in courses that use Tegrity and those that do not. This enables you to evaluate the impact that Tegrity has on student performance in the current term.

To discover the benefits of report analyses, click here.




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