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By altering Tegrity’s delivery settings, you can enable or disable a variety of settings. This includes enabling podcasts, allowing students to download and print recordings and allowing audio searching, among others.

How to access publishing settings

1. Access your Tegrity environment.

2. Click on any course located on your My Tegrity home screen.

3. In the bottom left-hand corner, you will see an “action” drop-down menu, squared below in red.

4. Select “settings” from the drop-down menu.

Delivery settings

The settings screen will appear, as shown below. Focus on the delivery options, squared below in red.

Checking the box next to a setting means that the setting will be activated.

Allow students to download classes

When checked (default setting), students can download class recordings to their computers for viewing when they do not have internet access.

“Enable MP3 podcast”, “Enable Enhanced Podcast”, “Enable Enhanced Vodcast/ MPEG- 4″

When any of these options are checked, delivery is available by MP3 podcast, iPod/iTunes enhanced podcasting, video podcasting and RSS.

Disable student printing

When checked, this setting prevents students from printing the slides that were included in your class recordings.

Enable audio search

When checked, this setting enables search of audio content. (Note: This option requires significant processing time. Do not use this option unless necessary).



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