How to Delete a Recording

Quick Overview:

You can remove one or multiple recordings from your list of recordings by placing a checkmark in the check box for the recording(s) you would like to remove and then click Delete from the Recording Tasks drop-down menu.


Detailed Instructions:

In order to delete an already uploaded session, you must first be logged into Tegrity.  The procedure for this varies based upon your institution’s implementation.  Please consult your institution’s support staff if you are unsure how to login to Tegrity.


1. After logging into Tegrity, select the appropriate course from the course listing page.


2. To the right of each recording, you will see a check box. Check the recording(s) you want to delete (A). Once you have checked the recording(s), click on Recording Tasks (B), and click Delete (C).



3. When prompted, confirm that you would like to delete the previously selected recording(s).


Click HERE to view a video tutorial on how to delete recordings.




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