Tegrity Recording in the Classroom

NOTE:  The first two steps listed below are specific to the Winona campus classroom environment. 


STEP 1:  Make sure the Tegrity audio and video signal cables are connected to the computer.  The two cables are shown in the image below (USB for the video and stereo 1/8” for the audio). 


STEP 2: Make sure that the audio cable connects to the Microphone/Headphone jack!  If it is plugged into the jack marked with only a headphone symbol, you will not have any audio on your recording!  The USB cable needs to be connected to any of the USB ports on the front of the computer (see image below).


STEP 3:  Log into Blackboard, select your desired course, and click on the Tegrity Classes button (left side of the screen).  This will open a new window.  Watch for pop-up blocker messages asking you to install a missing plug-in or trust the Tegrity software. 

STEP 4:  Click on the “Record a Class” icon to start your Tegrity recording.  New users should also take note of the details described under the image below. 

1. Add a title to detail the topic of this recording.  It helps students easily identify a desired recording from the list that gets created over the semester.   

NOTE: You cannot use the following characters in the title: \ / : * ? % ” < > | & ; ’

You can include commas, hyphens, and periods as needed in your titles.


2.  Test your audio level.  Your presentation voice should register near the middle of the recommended audio level area.  The signal level should register green (or yellow).  If the audio level registers red, your voice may sound distorted when playing back the recording.  Not enough in the green and may cause it to be soft and difficult to hear when playing back on a computer.


3. Select a profile photo or check the box for the instructor video signal to be displayed when your recordings are played back.


4. Click the “Record a Class” button to start your Tegrity recording. 



 STEP 5:  When the recording process starts you will see a control panel appear in the lower right hand of the screen.  Clicking on the arrow symbol (far left) is how you switch to recording the document camera signal in select classrooms.  Clicking on the square button is how you stop the recording.


STEP 6:  Upload your Tegrity recording to make it available for students.  When you stop the recording the screen below will show up.  Clicking “Yes” will automatically start the upload process.  While it is uploading you are able to continue working on the computer or log off if you are leaving the classroom.  DO NOT power OFF the computer!  This will stop the upload process from continuing.  Logging off is the best practice.  This allows the upload to continue happening, even if someone else logs on to the same computer. 



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