How to Record Presenter Video or Document Camera and NOT the Computer Screen

At times it might be best to just record live video of a guest speaker or the document camera to work through an example.  Use the following steps to configure Tegrity for this function.

STEP 1:        Open Tegrity (from your Blackboard course or organization) but do not check the Instructor Video box (see below).  Start the recording.

Tegrity Log In Window



STEP 2:        Select the camera attached to your computer (in a classroom or built into a laptop) by click on the arrow to extend the Tegrity tool bar.

Tegrity Tool Bar



STEP 3:        Next click on the camera icon in the newly expanded tool bar.



Tegrity Tool Bar expanded




STEP 4:        Select the camera ican to display the video image full screen while recording. The document camera icon will allow you to display and capture that device in the Tegrity recording. 


Tegrity Tool Bar Camera Icon



STEP 5:        To switch back to a screen capture mode of the computer, select the computer icon in the Tegrity tool bar (where the camera icon was).


Camera Window Display





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