As an instructor, you want your students to have the ability to soak up as much of the material as possible. Because Tegrity makes it simple to burn DVD copies of your recordings, your lectures can be shown even when a computer is not available. Here’s how:

Burning your DVD

Click on the course where the desired recording is located.

Check the box to the left of the recording.

Find the Action drop-down menu (circled above) and select “Make DVD image”.

A box will appear, asking you to create a ZIP file. Select “continue”.

You’ll need to save the file to your computer. When the box pops up asking you to save or open the file, select “save”.

The creation of the zip file will begin and you will be able to track its progress with the status bar that appears.

Once completed, a download box like the one shown below should appear. Double click the zip file to open the folder.

Multiple files and folders will appear. To create your DVD, select all of the files and copy them into the program you will be using to create the DVD.