Online Viewing of a Tegrity Recording

STEP 1:    Login toBlackboard with your Saint Mary’s username and password (

STEP 2:    Select the desired course (or organization) that the recording is located in.

STEP 3:    Once in the course, on the left hand side of the screen is a list of buttons and links to information related to that course. Click “Tegrity Classes”.

** This should open a pop-up window called the “Tegrity Viewer”. If it does not come up, check your browser options/preferences and make sure your pop-up blocker is turned-off. Or, a yellow bar may appear at the top of your screen asking you  to “Run Active X Control”. Click “Allow”.

STEP 4:    Below is a Screen Shot of the pop-up Tegrity Viewer:



STEP 5:    Next, click on the Recording you wish to view. It should look similar to the image on the next page:


STEP 6:    Above are the various chapters of the recording. Click on any of them to start from that point in the recording.

STEP 7:    Once you click play the viewer will take a moment to load the recording.

STEP 8:   If this is your first time viewing a recording, it will give you an option to take a tour of the tools and features accessible within the recording. It is recommended that you do this to become more familiar with the program. (Click “Start”)


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