View a Live Webcast Session

Your instructor may choose to broadcast a lecture live while recording a class in Tegrity. This means that where ever you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to watch your instructor’s class lecture. The viewing setup is virtually the same as viewing a previously recorded lecture, but does have a few differences. Below are instructions on how to view a live webcast.

Viewing a live webcast

1. Access your Tegrity environment. The course in which the live webcast is currently being broadcasted from will be highlighed in blue and the text in the “Last Updated” column will read “Live Now” (as shown below).

2. The next screen that appears is the list of recordings available for that course. The recording that is currently being broadcasted live by your instructor is again highlighted in blue. Click on the recording. The “Live Now, Click to Join” thumbnail appears.

3. The viewer playback window will appear as usual when clicking on the thumbnail above. However, the pause, rewind and fast-forward features are disabled.




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