Manage Grade Center for Adaptive Release Quizzes and Tests

When using adaptive release to offer specific students extended time on quizzes and tests the Grade Center totals and the students My Grades are shows points possible for all quizzes and test (Quiz and Quiz (B) which is the adaptive release quiz for extended time). So the student’s total points are not adding up or appropriate for the total points within the course.  Here is the suggested solution...


STEP 1:  Created a new “Calculated – Total Column” or edit the original Total column in Grade Center.


STEP 2:  In item 3, select:  "Selected Columns and Categories"


STEP 3:  In the new box that appears, select “Test” from the "Categories to Select" area and add to “Selected Columns” area. 


STEP 4:  On the right, an option to "Drop Grades" appears; add the appropriate value for the number of grouped quiz and test “sets” (setup with adaptive release to accommodate students who need extended time) in the blank where it says "drop___lowest grades".


NOTE A quiz or test “set” is a testing item that has been duplicated and applied to Group A (majority of the students in your class) and Group B (select students needing extended time). 


STEP 5:  Select “No” for the "Calculate as Running Total".  By selecting a non-running total, the students will receive a 0 (zero) for every test they don't attempt.


STEP 6:  Click “Submit” to apply the process to your course. 





NOTE:  If you test this idea and create a second Total column, you have the option to hide the original column from students.  As noted in Step 1, you can also edit the original total column, with the steps above, instead of creating a new column. 






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