Create a Test for Mobile Blackboard Users

A Blackboard Mobile Compatible Test is basically a regular test created with a special test editor.  Many instructors might like the simplicity of the Mobile Compatible Test editor enough to use it even if they aren't particularly concerned about letting students take the test on a mobile device.  Here are some key points to be aware of...


  • Mobile Compatible Tests have fewer question types, with only Multiple Choice, True/False, Calculated Numeric, File Response, Hot Spot, Fill in Multiple Blanks, and Short Answer available. Also missing are options to randomize answer order for multiple choice questions, force completion, display one or many per page, and re-use questions


  • Once you've created a Mobile Compatible Test, it's saved under Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests, just like any other test is.  Mobile Compatible Tests can be edited there just like any other test, with the full test canvas functionality to pull in questions from other tests or pools--and to include question types that are unworkable for mobile device users, as well.


  • Mobile tests are fully integrated into the Grade Center just like any other assessment tool in Blackboard.


  • There aren't options for pulling in questions from other tests/pools, or for creating questions like essays or calculated formula that aren't really very usable on a mobile device.


  • Students can still take a mobile test on a mobile device or a traditional laptop/desktop computer.


Creating a Mobile Compatible Test in Blackboard


Click HERE is a short instructional video or you can follow the steps identified below... 


For step by step instructions with images, click on the link below.





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