What is my username and first time login information?


Saint Mary's University assigns usernames to all of its community members, students, faculty, staff, and administration. The username and associated password is given to new users via email upon employment or admissions confirmation. Users also are assigned a SMUMN ID number at this time. This also acts as your Library card.

 To login to SMU-related systems, do the following steps FIRST:


1) Login to appropriate system below visit http://courses.smumn.edu,

Students click Student Portal link in the University Links box.

Employees click WebTools link in the University links box. 

2) Enter your username as listed on the Technology page of your acceptance packet.
            Students: Typically first initial, middle initial, up to the first 4 characters of lastname, and year you were accepted to SMU.
            Employees: Typically, first initial and up to first 7 characters of lastname.


3) Enter your password as listed on the Technology page of your acceptance packet or employment verification email.
         First 7 digits of your social security number or U.S government ID.


Students skip to step 5
Faculty continue with step 4

4) When prompted please answer the Security Profile questions, which you can change by clicking the question.
     All questions must be answered for a total of 5. Please remember the answer exactly as you will be prompted to provide them using the Click here... password reset process.
    4a) Once all questions are completed, click Submit.


5) At the WebTools home page, click "Change SMU Passwords".


6) Enter your current (old) password. See above.


7) Create a personal, unique, password using the on-screen instructions as a guide.


8) Enter this password again.


9) Click "Reset Password".


10) Verify on the screen that Active Directory/Library database access, Blackboard, MED WebSite, Email, and WebTools "updated".


NOTE: MED website will be invalid for the majority of users. It only affects students enrolled in the Winona-based MED Teaching and Learning graduate program.
Email may or may not update as not all Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs students are assigned SMUMN Email accounts.


11) Click "WebTools Home".


12) Click "Student Academic Record" to verify your personal information. This is for both students and employees.


NOTE: If personal information is not correct, click the "Change Personal Information" link to correct, update, or add personal information.
Contact Student Services or Registrar's office to have other corrections completed. Point of reference Date of Birth should have the following format MM/DD/YYYY. If yours is not listed this way, contact Student Services for correction.


13) If finished with WebTools, click "Sign Out".


14) Visit, http://www.smumn.edu, click the appropriate link to login to the desired SMU-related online system, with your newly created password. 


Student Services Information:


Winona Campus: 1-800-635-5987
Business Office Ext. 6655 (Billing)
Registrar's Office Ext. 1501 (Academic Issues)






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