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2020-08-13 20:10

Panopto is a video content platform that centralizes video creation and sharing across all faculty, staff, and students. Some featured use cases of Panopto include:

  1. Distance Learning

  2. Student Recording

  3. Lecture Capture 

  4. Video Caption and Accessibility

  5. Active Learning 

  6. Flipped Classroom


To get started with Panopto, navigate in any web browser to and log in with your Blackboard credentials. 


If this is your first time using Panopto, we highly encourage you to browse Panopto’s Video Tutorials which include numerous videos on getting started and how to use functions like sharing and editing videos.




The Panopto SMUMN Training Session

Alternatively, you may want to start by viewing the following recording of the Panopto training session given to SMUMN faculty and staff on 7/10/20. This recording covers the same topics as the Getting Started video set--but, in addition, Panopto trainer Kathryn Kelly tailored the training for our faculty and staff and addressed questions that are specific to our milieu.

o   Panopto: SMUMN – Creator Training (Run time: 1:10:34). 


We want to highlight a few videos that we think are important:

Getting Started: Record a Video

Installing Panopto Video for Windows and Macs

Sharing Folders and Videos


Advanced Editing Videos


Faculty wanting to know about more advanced features of Panopto should review:

How to Use the Zoom Integration

How to Add a Quiz to a Video

How to Use Panopto with BlackBoard

How to Use Panopto with Canvas


Lastly, videos that might be relevant to you:

How to Use the Build a Session Feature

Remote Recording (Scheduled webcasting and recording in classrooms)

Using the Android App

Using the iOS App


Have Additional Questions?

Contact the Helpdesk via Phone or Email:

507-457-7800 or

If after hours, contact Panopto Support via Phone or Email:

855-765-2341 or

Live Chat is available if you create a Panopto Support account HERE.



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