Adjunct Faculty: Can I request a SMU Email Account (GoogleApps)?

SMU GoogleApps email account can be requested via WebTools. If you were not automatically assigned an email address for then this is not required and is optional.
Visit, iT recommends you favorite/bookmark this page for future access to SMU online applications.
Click WebTools.
NOTE: The following process sets up an email account for SMU with your current information (username and WebTools password) and automatically changes your primary email contact to your new SMU email address.  Again, this is optional if you were not assigned a SMU email address automatically.


To setup an account do the following:
Login to WebTools
Click the "Change Personal Information" link
Click the "Change Email Address" link

There are 2 choices at this point
1) Lists your current email address as on file within the SMU primary database. This section also allows you to change the email address to another external address such as to This should only be used if you have changed email accounts or Internet Service Provider (ISP).
 2) To CREATE a SMU email account, provided you do not have one already, click the "Request a SMU Email address" link.

Once this account is created and the database change is made all SMU related systems will update the email address automatically during regular processing cycles. Other than individuals/students having your personal email address, all other SMU related email will start being delivered to your SMU GoogleApps account.


Please access your new account via Login boxes on upper left.

Only need email address and current WebTools password to login. 


If you need further assistance with the process, contact the HelpDesk,

Winona: or 800-635-5987.

Minneapolis: or 866-437-2788






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