How do I reset my password for Webtools, Blackboard and/or Email?

In order to reset all of these, you must reset your SMU Passwords in Webtools. If you can login to Webtools, simply click on the "Change SMU Passwords" link on the Main Webtools page.

If you are NOT able to login to Webtools, use the "Click here if you have lost or forgotten your password" link at the login page.

Enter your username.

Click Get User...

Enter your SMUMN ID Number.

Enter any other information required (e.g. Home phone number, date of birth, mother's maiden name...)

Click "Reset my Password". Your password will now be reset to the first seven digits of your social security number. Please login to Webtools. It will say that your password is "Expired" and prompt you to create a new one. Please follow the instructions carefully.

If you receive a message that your account is ineligilble for this type of reset.... Please try the above steps again and use a work phone number or cell phone number in place of the Home phone. The possible issue is your "primary" contact is work or cell and not home.

If you are still unable to reset the password yourself, please call or email the HelpDesk.

 **The security questions provided at the Self-Reset link (mother's maiden name...etc) should have been provided when you first accessed Webtools. To learn how to change these, please see the FAQ on How do I edit/create security questions for resetting my Webtools password? under the Webtools Category.

Once successfully logged into WebTools please verify your Personal Information via the "Change Personal Information" link. This will give you an idea of what contact numbers we have officially on file for you.





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