How to access 1098T information?

1098t tax forms are now available in the "new" Student Portal.

To access please login to your portal page via

The 1098t link will be in the right column toward the bottom.

If you are having issues accessing the link, i.e. the form does not come up you may have an issues with your device/computer's pdf reading software.  

Prior to contacting the Business Office or the HelpDesk for assistance please go through the following troubleshooting steps. Staff will have you do these options anyway so again please try them before contacting SMUMN for assistance.

- Try a different web browser, if using Chrome use Edge, Firefox, or Internet Explorer(IE) instead. If on a Mac try Safari. The native browsers to the OS might work better to open the form; IE or Edge for Windows, Safari for Mac.

- In some cases, you may need to go to, and download and install Acrobat Reader, or download and install the updates to Acrobat Reader if it is already installed on the computer. The link is at the bottom of the webpage. 
 - If using a phone or tablet you likely need to install a pdf reading software from the app store, again best to get Adobe product.
- Users can also try and do this as an option
       Right click the link and choose "Save link as...". then save the pdf to a folder on your  computer.
       Open the file from the saved location using say Word, or other word processing application that might be PDF compatible. This forces the computer to use installed software versus web browser plugins and such that may not be working.
- If Acrobat Reader is installed you can launch (start) the program first and then use the open menu to go to where the pdf file is saved to open it. Same process as opening a file from an Office application.
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