Where can I store my data?

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2023-08-31 18:07


Saint Mary's University File Storage Information


This is a storage location located within Google Apps. 

Accessible from ANYWHERE on- or off-campus. You can log in with your Saint Mary's Google Apps account and upload/download files, create and edit files, and share and collaborate with others.

You can install the Google Drive app on your PC or Mac to open and organize files from your computer.




While convenient, and necessary when you are off-campus, the local hard-drive on your computer, drive C:, is not the preferred place to store your files.

In case your hard drive fails or gets damaged (dropped laptop, spilled coffee, and so on), your important files and information stored on the C: drive are irretrievably lost.



You may have other network drives: the K: drive for your department's files.

For Mac users, network drives are referenced with volume names, not letters.