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2015-08-06 21:54

The distribution list is for communicating various personal and school related items. Historically this has been geared toward student use, but can be used by the entire Winona Campus Community to advertise or solicit items or needs. This could include items like: need a ride home, looking for riders to share gas money, books for sale, furniture for sale, rummage sales, places for rent, students seeking roommates and so on.


To subscribe: 

If you are not receiving these emails and wish to subscribe to this email group:
Compose an email with in the "To:" field
Click "Send"  (The "Subject" line and message area should be empty (blank).
You should receive an email confirmation that you have been added to the group.
To unsubscribe:
If you wish to unsubscribe from this emails group:
Compose a new email and put in the "To:" field.
-------------DOUBLE CHECK THE SPELLING please. Thanks.
Click "Send"  (The email should be blank.)
You should receive an email that you have been removed.
You can also click the link from within the email itself. Click the little down arrow under the senders name to expand the email information. There should be a link to unsubscribe from the winbulletin listing.