What is SMUMN online meeting software or resource?

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2020-08-26 23:29
Saint Mary's purchased Zoom online meeting/conferencing software for use by SMUMN employees. For more information visit: https://zoom.us
Definition of terms is at the bottom of this article.
Please review the various usage and support documentation provided by Zoom prior to using the software.
If you wish to have a SMUMN Zoom account, please submit a request through this form which will be routed to the IT HelpDesk. This needs to be requested at least 5 business days prior to first use.
Once your request has been processed and the Zoom account created by HelpDesk or IT staff, you will receive an email from Zoom to finish the setup process. You should also receive a ticket closed email with details.
After you finish setting up the account, it is a "Basic" account. 
"Basic" level allows unlimited point to point (2 connections (host and attendee))  "conferencing". If meeting is slated to be less than 40 minutes, a "Basic" account can be used for 3 or more connections.
However, if connecting 3 or more (host + attendees), and the meeting is expected to be longer than 40 minutes; you will need the host account to be changed to "licensed" level. 
**You will need to request the host account to be changed to  "licensed" level by HelpDesk or IT staff. This needs to be requested at least three business days prior to the meeting time. This is to allow proper setup by staff  and time for you to officially setup the meeting and notify attendees.
If HelpDesk/IT changed your account from Basic to licensed, when your meeting has finished, please contact the HelpDesk to have your Zoom reverted back to the Basic level. SMUMN has a limited number of licenses available for use by the community so this process is critical.
**Again if only doing a point to point meeting, say a faculty to a student at home or a job interview hosted in SM19 or LSH210 to the interviewee's computer, this process is not needed.**
Reminder: anyone wishing to use Zoom through the Saint Mary's owned version does need to request an account through the HelpDesk. Yes this will be your SMUMN email address. If you were not assigned a SMUMN Google account, this will need to be created as we cannot setup non-SMUMN email address accounts through the SMUMN Zoom license. This is another reason why a 5 business day lead time is required.
SGPP HelpDesk (Twin Cities): tchelpdesk@smumn.edu
College HelpDesk (Winona): helpdesk@smumn.edu
Host: person hosting or setting up the meeting.
Attendee: person or device in a group setting that joins the meeting.
Point to point: one device connected as host and one device connected as attendee
Basic Level: common level for "free" Zoom account allows point to point meetings with no restrictions.
Licensed Level: less common and paid for level for account. This allows 3+ device connections to a meeting. Host + attendees.
Device: in this context any device that is used to host or connect to a specific meeting.
Basic level can be used for intercampus meetings if all attendees are in one room on TC and one room in Winona. The actual number of people in attendance is not relevant.
Licensed level needed for host account with mulitple (3+) meeting locations. Such as, device on TC campus, device at Cascade Meadow, a device on the Winona campus, and/or other external devices are expected to connect and meeting is expected to be longer than 40 minutes.