What do I need to do to use my new phone?

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2019-05-16 16:31

SMUMN Phone System

Tips and Tricks Guide 

What do I need to do?  

  1.  Record your Personal Greeting
  2.  Record your name
  3.  Change your Personal Identification #
  4.  Change your Website Password
Follow these Easy Steps:
  • Pick up the Handset and press the messages button (Looks like an envelope).
  • Enter your Personal Identification number (default is 1234) followed by the # sign.
  • Press option 5 to change your Voice Mail Options.
  • To Record a Personal Greeting, Press 1.  Press 1 to record a Standard Greeting.  If you want to record an Out of Office Greeting, press 2. To record an Extended Absence Greeting press 3.
  • After you have recorded the greeting, press #.
  • To use the greeting, Press 2.
  • It will automatically take you back to the previous menu.
  • Press option 2 to Record your name.
  • After you have recorded your name, press #.
  • To use that recording, Press 2.
  • It will automatically take you back to the previous menu.
  • Press option 5 to Change your Personal Identification #.
  • Enter 1234#
  • Enter your new #
  • Enter it again for confirmation..
  • Hang up the call. 

Be sure to log into your Phone Website at https://phones.smumn.edu  to change your website password too! 

  • To login, use your 4 digit extension as your username and the default password is 12341234.
  • After logging in, go to the My Information Tab and click on Unified Messaging.
  • In the Password field, enter a new password. It must be 8 characters long.  IT suggests using your PIN and entering it twice.
  • In the Confirm Password field, enter your password again. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Apply.
  • That's it--your phone is ready to use!
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