How do I use the Phone website?

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2014-10-10 23:51

Phone Web Portal

Open a browser and go to


**Setting changes in this portal do not take effect immediately. There is a brief synchronization delay which is generally about 30 seconds.

  1. VOICEMAIL--Allows you to view, play, and delete recorded messages.

  1. MY INFORMATION—Allows you to reset your PIN or password, forward voice messages to email, manage conference code and personal attendant

a.  Unified Messaging—reset PIN and Password and forward voice messages to email

b.  Distribution List—create distribution lists for forwarding messages to

c.  Conference Codes--if using it for more than 15 external parties, contact IT Services

d.  Attendant—ability to allow caller to push a button to forward to another line

Here is the screenshot for changing your PIN, password and forwarding to Email

  1. Call Forwardingsuggest setting cell phones to ring for 10 seconds to ensure that your cell phone voicemail doesn’t pick up

  1. SPEED DIAL—this may show up on the display of your phone depending on how many lines you already have on your phone.

***Shortcut to your favorites—click the Up arrow on your dialpad

  1. CALL HISTORY—allows you to search for a call based on date and time received

  1. PHONEBOOK You can download a CSV file that will open in Excel with everyone’s address.  Bug Alert: It currently only searches the page you are on. You will not find your own # when you search for yourself.

  1. PHONES—If your extension shows up on multiple phones you will see multiple phones listed here.

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