Using Google Drive instead of a VPN/Network Drive (u:)

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2015-10-02 21:36

Why is Google Drive the best place to store your files? Because the storage space is now UNLIMITED! You can store any file type you need and organize files into folders, just like your U: drive. Learn more about setting up Google Drive to work like a Network drive below. 


First, your Google Drive is available from any device via a web browser at any time. From you can upload and download your files. 


An easier way to work with Microsoft Office (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xl...etc) and Google Drive is to download the desktop app. 



Go to in your browser and click "Download Drive" in the settings menu. 



Then, select "Drive for Mac & PC"






Once the download has finished, you will need to Run the file. 








After Google Drive has finished installing, open your computer files and you will see Google Drive listed as a folder. You can drag and drop and organize files and folders here. Google Drive will sync when you are connected to the internet so you can access your files from multiple devices. 




The advantage to using the desktop version of Google Drive is that if you store Microsoft Office files in Drive you won't have to download and then re-upload them. You simply double-click the file in the desktop Drive folder and it will open in the appropriate Microsoft Office program. Click "Save" and then you're done!