University Computer Replacement Cycle Process

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2022-06-28 17:17

Information Technology Department

Use and Acquisition of Computers Provided to University Personnel



In order to ensure that university personnel have access to current computing technology required to fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs, the “Computer Life Cycle Replacement Process” was instituted. The process helps facilitate scheduled replacement of computers for full time faculty, full time staff, and computing laboratory facilities approximately every 48 months. Eligibility for the replacement equipment is determined by the AVP of IT in accordance with this process.


Hardware Platforms

In order to contain costs and realize maintenance and support efficiencies, the university community is able to select in conjunction with the IT Department equipment appropriate for their departmental use. The equipment standards are developed by IT staff who are charged to review the hardware options available in relation to campus needs and to recommend specific hardware configurations that best meet the features and functionality requirements of the University overall.


Life Cycle Equipment Replacement Term

Microsoft Windows based devices are replaced every 4 years, a duration that corresponds to industry benchmarks for the useful life of laptop and desktop computer systems. Apple based devices are replaced every 5 years.


Generally, most replacements are switched during the summer to minimize disruption to staff and faculty. Those with an asset in their possession will be contacted by the university HelpDesk via email or phone, to discuss a replacement computer and to establish a date for the equipment exchange.


All program equipment (including cables, mouse, keyboard, docking station and other items delivered with the computer) must be returned to the university. There is no option for the asset designee to purchase university-owned computers.


***Replacement of devices is subject to available funding which may require users to keep their devices for a longer period of time.


Responsibilities of the University Personnel Receiving Equipment

University personnel are expected to exercise care to assure against theft and damage of equipment provided to them. In situations where negligence or violations of this policy result in damage or loss of equipment, the cost for its repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the employee or the department based on consideration of the situation.


Equipment is provided to university personnel exclusively for their use. Its use by others is prohibited except for occasional use by other university personnel. In certain instances, equipment can be reallocated to another employee at the university.


Upon separation from the university, for any reason, the computer technology equipment must be returned to the HelpDesk on the appropriate campus.


Default Equipment

The default computer platform for the university will be a Windows laptop. The university will maintain computer system images for both Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Apple Operating Systems.


Exceptions to the Standard Build and Configurations

Despite the best efforts of the IT Department, the specified equipment (the standard configurations), on occasion, may not meet the needs of an individual or an operating unit. In such cases, alterations to the standard build configurations may be approved, but they must be authorized by the AVP of IT and are subject to additional funding by the requesting department.


Exception Approval for Apple/Mac Devices

The IT Department will provide specifications for Apple/Mac computing platform machines since there are individuals or operating units that require the Apple/Mac devices. Approval for the acquisition of an Apple/Mac device will be jointly made by the department manager and the AVP of IT.


The approval process for Apple/Mac devices applies only to new requests for Apple/Mac equipment. Personnel who already have an Apple/Mac device may replace it without obtaining special approval.


Administrative Rights

The end-user workstation technology equipment is delivered with limited administrative rights. Members of the university community may request full administrative privileges and these are granted by the AVP of IT or HelpDesk Management Staff.


Temporary administrative rights may be requested for a 3 day period for approved software installations.  Requests for this temporary access should be sent to the HelpDesk.