Software Request/Renewal Process

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2021-09-08 01:30

Purchasing and implementing new software is far more complex than installing and finding the money. It requires a thorough review by the IT department to ensure compatibility with existing systems along with a review of the contract for service by the CFO and General Counsel for the University. The following process must be followed to ensure that all of these stakeholders have had time to review the software and prepare for the efficient completion of your request. On average, the process of researching, gaining approvals, and purchasing a new software takes 4-6 months. This varies based on the complexities and integrations needed.

The below steps should be completed as soon as you start looking for new software (including new upgrades if they require a purchase). If this is an annual software renewal, please skip down to the Software Renewal Section.


New Software 

  1. Complete Software Request Form Step 1.

  2. IT will review and coordinate a brief meeting for the Key Collaborators and the VP of the area or appointed sponsor to review the process steps to determine who is responsible for steps 3-8 and identify the IT point of contact. If this results in the need for new software, IT will bring this to the Data Governance and Technology Planning Committee (DGTP) for feedback and review.

  3. The Key Collaborators would complete a Requirements Document that identifies what functionality the new software needs.

  4. The Key Collaborators and IT will review the contract for current software (if applicable) that is being discontinued to determine when notice of cancellation must occur. Often 90 day written notice is required. Going forward, IT will maintain a copy of all software contracts.

  5. Key Collaborators will setup demos from multiple software vendors and a member of IT staff will attend each demo.

  6. Once a solution is chosen, complete the IT Change Request Form which will be sent to DGTP for approval. If the Committee has questions, someone from the Key Collaborators may be asked to present their request to the Committee.

  7. If approved by DGTP,  then review of contract/service order will be done by AVP OF IT (technology requirements), Executive VP and CFO (financial) and General Counsel (legal).

  8. Key Collaborators should complete a usage protocol for software once approved. The final copy will be stored in IT along with the contracts.


Software Renewal

  1. If you have used this software previously and have a new contract or agreement to sign, or are just looking to get the invoice paid, please contact the IT Administrative Assistant at 507-457-1402 or email

  2. If there is a new contract or agreement that needs to be signed, IT will work with General Counsel to get approval.

  3. The final copy will be stored in IT along with the contracts.