No channels showing up on personal TV

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2015-10-09 20:39

Frequent Question: Why aren't any channels showing up on my TV when I connect it in my dorm room?


Answer: After checking to make sure all the cables are properly connected and functioning, you may need to run a Available Channel Scan on your TV. 


 Here are some general steps to do this, and keep in mind each TV manufacturer does things slightly differently. Please consult your owner's manual for directions specific to your TV model. 

1. Enter the TV's Menu (Usually called Menu OR Settings).
2. Select Channel or Tuner.
3. There should an option for Automatic Tuning or Manual Tuning, Select Automatic.
4. There should be an option for Cable or Air (Antenna), Select Cable.
5. Once you select Cable, run the scan.  This typically takes several minutes, not more than 10.
6. You should now have all of the channels provided by Saint Mary's University.