Policy for Entering a Student Residence

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2015-10-09 20:31

Policy (applies to ALL HelpDesk & IT Staff)

  1. Process for entering a student room
    1. If at all possible 24 hours notice should be given.
    2. There should always be two people (see below).
    3. If Residence Life or Campus Safety needs to be the second person and our time allows for it we are happy to help.
    4. If there are two staff members present with 24 hours notice it can be male or female. I think most would feel more comfortable if a female were going into an all female hall, but I realize with staff that might not always be the case.
    5. The biggest thing is making sure there are two people going into a room at once. This is a liability issue.
    6. In cases where we can't give 24 hour notice, we should make sure that Stefanie or Marty (Residence Life) are aware PRIOR to us entering the room if a student is not available.


Entering a room:


Just to refresh everyone.

When you are going into a room on your own. Knock on the door, wait for an answer, knock on the door a second time, wait for an answer. At this point you can use your key to open the door. As you open the door, announce yourself with a loud voice (Example: Hello, I'm with the Helpdesk. I am here to work on your computer...).

Give the students every opportunity NOT to think that you are sneaking in on them. And ALWAYS leave the room in the same condition as you found it (Example: Don't eat any of the Doritos).

It is also good practice to leave the door open if in a ResHall and leave the specific room door open if in a Village. Keeps your presence in the room "public" so to speak.