How do I use a CD/DVD in a classroom?

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2019-06-14 22:04

Step 1: Insert DVD/CD into the Dedicated PC:

  • Depending on the Teacher Station, there will be a disc drive accessible via the button marked with the red arrow respectively. Some PCs have yellow marking the button to assist in finding it. Gently place in disc and close the drawer once seated.



Step 2: Open VLC PLayer

Option 1:

  • Click on the icon in the toolbar (bottom of screen) if the icon is there.

Option 2:

  • Click on the “Start Menu” or press the “Windows Key”

  • Search for “VLC” or scroll to the folder “VideoLAN” where you can click to open the application.

The application initially look like:


Step 3: Open Media

  • Click on the “Media” drop down menu, and select “Open Disc…”

Step 4: Play Movie

  • Select the correct format for your disc (DVD or Audio CD)

  • Confirm the title of the disc in the “Disc Device” menu

  • Click “Play”


Step 5: Watch!

  • The DVD will Play

  • Quick tip: Use the mouse to select menu items


For information on the interface of VLC PLayer please refer to these links:

-Basic guide to interface and preferences

-Details for dropdown menus from the top bar

-legal and use questions regarding VideoLAN

-official VideoLAN website


Additionally please contact resources available to you:  

  • IT Helpdesk ext. 7800

  • Fitzgerald Library