Employees: Using Multi-Function Printers - How to enter your Dept Code

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2015-10-14 21:17

In order to print to a Multi-Function Device (MFD) the printer needs to be set up with a Department code on each connected computer. 


Please follow the directions below to enter your department code after Adding a Network MFD

(The MFD are any of the printers labeled "MF[department]" on Oberon)


- Click your "Start" icon in the task bar

-Select "Devices and Printers"

-Right Click on the MFD labeled printer

-Select "Printing Preferences" from the list of options

-Choose the "Valid Access" tab at the top. 






-Then, enter the 5 digit Department Code in the "User Code" box. (This is the same code that you use for the copy machine). 



-Select "Apply" and "OK" at the bottom of the screen. 


You are now ready to print to your department Multi-Function Device.